Highway Code Repository

Brush up with the 2018 highway code before trying your hand with the free theory tests.

Highway Code Chapter:


This Highway Code applies to the whole of the UK. The Highway Code in Northern Ireland differs slightly to England, Scotland and Wales, but any differences will be labelled as such.

It is important that all road users are aware of the Code and are considerate towards each other. This applies to pedestrians as much as to drivers and riders.

Whilst the Code may appear to be daunting at first, a lot of the rules and information are common sense and will have been used by everyone even before they started practicing for a driving, riding or theory test.

A good way to understand how you are progressing is to periodically test yourself. Try DrivenMad’s free practice theory tests from time to time to see how your scores improve.

How this Repository is Structured

The Highway Code groups the different rules according to whom the particular rule applies to:

The Code also provides the following examples of signs, signals and markings that may be tested:

Finally there are the Annexes which provide useful additional information:

Wording of the Highway Code

Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence. Such rules are identified by the use of the words ‘MUST’ or ‘MUST NOT’.

Knowing and Applying the Rules

Knowing and applying the rules contained in The Highway Code could significantly reduce road casualties. Cutting the number of deaths and injuries that occur on our roads every day is a responsibility we all share. The Highway Code can help us discharge that responsibility.