Motorcycle Theory Practice Tests

Hundreds of questions and an unlimited combination of possible tests, this is the best learning resource for you to pass your DVLA theory test.

There are 3 types of test for each category:

  1. 5 Question Quick Quiz: 5 minutes, 5 questions, nice and quick!
  2. Practice Test: 50 questions, 57 minutes, answers can be checked.
  3. Mock Test: 50 questions, 57 minutes, no answers shown.

You will be given opportunity to review your answers before a breakdown of your results is displayed.

5 Question Quick Quiz [Cars] [Motorcycles]

The quick quiz will select 5 random questions. Nothing could be simpler! Better get going….!

‘Answer & Check’ Theory Practice Tests [Cars] [Motorcycles]

The ‘Answer & Check’ practice tests will take you through an example 50 question test and check your answers as you go. Incorrect answers will be highlighted and you will be shown the correct answer along with an explanation to provide knowledge and understanding.

Mock Theory Test [Cars] [Motorcycles]

The mock exam will select 50 random questions, which you will be expected to complete under exam conditions within the allocated 57 time limit. You will not be shown correct and incorrect answers, rather a general revision guidance at the end to highlight which categories require further revision.